Photo Contest

$500 in cash prizes!  Submit a photos taken at The Great Pumpkin Farm from 1996 to present and your photo could be a big winner!

Children's Pie Eating Contest

Children’s Pie Eating – Giggles are aplenty as children (under 12) compete to see who can eat a slice of pie the fastest – with no hands of course!  Prizes awarded to all winners!


Adult Pie Eating Contest

Adult Pie Eating – witness a hearty feast as adults race with pie in their face to see who will eat the most pies – with no hands – in 5 minutes.  Prizes awarded to all winners!



Pumpkin Decorating Contests

A family – team event, decorating pumpkins natural-style with gourds, corn kernels and husks.  Prizes awarded to all winners!  1 pumpkin per family



Mummy Wrapping Contests

Rolls of toilet paper and tape have never been so much fun!  There’ll be a whole lot of wrapping goin’ on as families create a team mummy.  Prizes go the winning teams!



Scarecrow Making Contests

Create an award winning, crow frightening scarecrow!  All supplies are provided and a prize is awarded for the most creative scarecrow!



World Pumpkin Weigh Off

The eyes of the world will be on Clarence Saturday, October 5th as growers worldwide await news on the Great Pumpkin Farms Annual World Pumpkin Weigh-Off.


Costume Contests

Kids and adults - come in costume on our final weekend and join in on the contest to win Pumpkin Man Bucks!



Pumpkin Olympics

Everyone can join in the fun as a team or individual when you play these pumpkin related Olympic Games!

Pumpkin Drop

Watch a 1000lb pumpkin drop from 100 feet in the air and smash on the ground!